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19 Responses to “About”

  1. k8hinote Says:

    Hey Ellen!

    I recently discovered your All Star Workouts on fit TV and love them. I’ve been going to the gym regularly now for almost a year and plateaued a while back (I still have about… 20 lbs. or so to lose) and I did the Pilates Sculpt on Tuesday and I’ve got muscle soreness in my legs for the first time in months! I feel like I can actually get a great leg work out now, without having to actually lift at the gym, which is nice. Anyway, I’m interested in your DVDs, but can’t really afford to buy the lot of them at the moment (although, I’m sure I eventually will) and was wondering what you suggest I start with. I love the Slow-Robics, but I know I can’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Great work! Thanks for your calm and effective workouts. They make me feel great!

    – Kate Hinote
    Hazel Park, MI

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I have struggled with my weight all my life. At the age of 3, I was diagnosed with a rare form of spinal muscular atrophy – my muscles are very tight and my reflexes are acute. Due to this diagnosis, I am limited in the physical activity that I can do. Exercising has always been hard for me.

    I originally bought your “pick your spot pilates” and loved it. About 2 months ago, I caught your Slow-Aerobics on FitTV and LOVED it also! I had it taped….and unfortunately taped over it and haven’t been able to find it since. I really enjoyed finally finding aerobics that I can keep up with. I am going to keep looking on FitTV to see if I can find it again.

    I bought your Slow Sculpt and Fat Fusion DVDs, and am currently waiting to receive Yogini. I love the two I have…and can’t wait for the third. I feel so energized and strong afterward.

    I just wanted to thank you for giving me the power to change my body. I think your message is strong and I do believe that by engaging your mind in your workouts provides the most powerful results.


  3. Kim alexander Says:

    Hi, Ellen-
    I love, love, love Slow-Robics, but I DESPERATELY need it on DVD because a) they don’t play you enough on FitTV and b) the times they do play you aren’t condusive with my schedule. Unfortunately, I don’t have Tivo or a DVR.

    Last year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I still have pretty good mobility unlike so many others but fatigue is definitely a huge issue for me. I find the Slow-Robics goes at just the perfect pace to give me a good workout without exhausting me. Since I began having the serious issues with fatigue a couple of years ago, I have not been exercising like I was and I gained back much of the weight I lost when I could. Please help me get myself back into shape by letting me know where I can get videos.

  4. Sandy Drew Says:

    I have to piggy back the request made by Kim- the Slow-Robics with Ellen Barrett should be on daily. Those of us who are obese need a fitness program that starts where we are, and lets us build up to fitness levels we are capable of. We would like a DVD or more programming on FIT TV ! Thank you! And thank you for introducing her to me!

  5. Mary Kellman Says:

    Please release a DVD of Slow-Robics with Ellen Barrett! Due to medical issues, I’ve become very deconditioned and morbidly obese. This is the first aerobics workout that doesn’t leave me feeling hopeless. I can actually keep up with it! Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to record it and the TV schedule doesn’t fit with my work schedule. I catch it when I can, but it isn’t often enough. Please help!

  6. ellenbarrett Says:

    Hi Mary.
    Just fyi, FAT BURNING FUSION is very akin to Slo-robics, have you tried that DVD? It’s 45minutes of the same tempo, lots of the same moves and low-impact.
    Little by little you’ll get back to “conditioned” if you do something everyday, even just a walk around the block. And you know, for you, pace does NOT matter. If it takes you 20 minutes or 10 minutes, so what. xoEB

  7. Michelle Mauk Says:

    I agree, you need to be on FitTV daily!!! I have both episodes DVR’d, but that is not enough. : )

  8. Sherry Says:

    I want a DVD for “Slo-Robics”!!! this is a great program. I used to be an aerobics (step w/ light weights) instructor but as I got older, I developed very high blood pressure. I’m really short of breath and this workout is the first one I am able to do in years!! I especially LOVE the no jumping because that is something I cannot do now. Please come on TV daily, or put out a DVD or suggest one just like slo-robics!!! Thanks

  9. best exercise dvds Says:

    Nice writing style.I found out about your article from Yahoo and thought it rocked. How long have you kept the blog?Just the other day I recently started a blog myself and its been a really fun process. I’ve met some new people since then but it can be a real chore at times! Oh well, many thanks for your article!

  10. Brenda Rogers Says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase Slo-Robics. Thanks

  11. Marcella Grammatico Says:

    I worked out to SLOW-robics one day and just loved it. I can’t find any info on when it will run again on Fit TV. Could someone email if they know where i can find out next run date?

  12. VanessaVega Says:

    Please, Please, Please offer a Slow-Robics DVD, this the only workout I have been able to do since being hit by a car. I have been telling everyone about – we need this on DVD.


  13. Star Says:

    Ellen, I want to add my 2 cents concerning SLOW-robics and also Pilates/Zen Sculpt from Fit TV. I have just about all your workouts and love them all. But I have to say while some are similar to SLOW-robics and Pilates/Zen Sculpt, none of them are just like it. More than anything I would love a copy of both of these Fit TV workouts on DVD. I have seen a couple of Fit TV workouts pop up on Amazon and Ebay – one of them had a few different workouts from tv and another had one that Cathe did for Fit TV. I could have sworn that I heard someone say once that they had a video of SLOW-robics…maybe it was released back when it first came out or maybe they just recorded it. All I know is that these are 2 awesome workouts (and I love your workout clothes that you wear in these!!), and I would love to have them on DVD one day. These are the first workouts of yours I ever did…as I found out about you through these workouts on Fit TV. They are still my absolute favorites 🙂

  14. jo paddock Says:

    is there a place i can find ellen barretts slow work out tape it was on fit tv and i did it and just loved it please let me know thanks so much

  15. Mrs. C Says:

    I was just looking at the FitTv schedule to seen when Slo-Robics & Pilates Sculpt would air again and I don’t see AllStar Workouts listed anymore after December 26. Are these programs discontinued?

  16. Rita Lanfranchi Says:

    I agree with so many others. I loved both slorobics and zZen Sculpt from Fittv(Which now is just stupid) I had them taped for sooo long until my DVR died. I now have,and love Barefoot Cardio and Fat Burning Pilates, But there is no replacement for the 2 aforementioned workouts.Would pay a pretty penny to have them again!!!Do Something!

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