Ellen’s Summer Teaching Schedule Starts May 4th at 8am



Every Tuesday & Thursday

at STUDIO 70

70 Audubon Street

New Haven, CT 06511

Take the best of standing Pilates, mix it with dance conditioning, and you’ve got PILATES BARRE. Get a long, lean and lifted silhouette by using generous ranges of motion that elongate bodylines. The seamless routine provides all-in-one cardio, stretch and strength training, for total body conditioning.

The barre is awaiting us in the studio, you only need to bring your body.

Drop-ins are always welcome so just show up.
Rate: $13/class drop-in OR buy 10 classes for $100 ($10/class)

Your first class is free!

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14 Responses to “Ellen’s Summer Teaching Schedule Starts May 4th at 8am”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Will you be making a pilates/barre DVD?
    i live in Arizona – have all of your DVD’s and love the work!
    Barre work is some of my favorite though –
    Lauren Gorman
    Phoenix Az

  2. jolie Says:

    I agree. I would love a Barre work DVD!!!

  3. Cristina Says:

    Ellen, I agree with Loren. You should definitely make a Pilates Barre DVD.

    I love your DVDs. The pace, the music, the amount of instruction is always just right. I love Barre, but I’ve yet to find a DVD that strikes the right the balance between too slow and too fast.

    Anyhow, again, I love your DVDs, especially the barefoot ones!


  4. Meg Says:


    I would also be very interested in a DVD. I go to a cardio ballet barre class in Ft. Lauderdale, but I would love to add a barre workout to my collection of your DVDs!

    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  5. Bonnie Says:

    I woud also love to have another Ellen Barrett DVD. I have most of them and rotate them almost everyday. They are great to take on a trip as they require no equipment. Maybe we could even join the Barre class via the internet? Like a live broadcast. I don’t know how it works, but I know people do it.

  6. Ms Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    If you make a Pilates Barre DVD, would you make it so that a barre is not required? There’s no way I’d have a barre in my NYC studio apartment! If anything, perhaps a chair can suffice… even just balancing without any objects can be a more advanced option! (I always try to balance free of objects to give myself a tougher workout. )


    Oh, and I’d love, love, love it even more if it had programmable chapters and options to do it with just music or omusic and instruction or just instruction. I like your voice and your cuing is excellent. You pay attention to reps and you don’t talk too much (i.e. chat for no reason or just to fill in silent periods).

  7. Donna Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I just wanted to throw out another request for more DVDs – I have all of your work from Crunch to Prevention and enjoy and rotate them all regularly. I’d love to have more – there is just something about this style of workout that works so well for my body – I get a worked out feeling (and results) without the beat up, stiff/tight/tired feeling I get from other types of workouts. I like traditional Pilates as well – but your fusions are just awesome since they provide me with a better and more efficient workout.

    Please make more!! 🙂


  8. sue Says:

    Can we view a preview of the Pilates Barre DVD?
    I love when you show a pose of the month.

  9. T Mclaughlin Says:

    I am interested in your DVD. Saw you awhile ago on Fit TV

    Where can I purchase the DVDs.

    Thank you.

    • ellenbarrett Says:

      Hi There! All of THE STUDIO by Ellen Barrett DVDs are available at collagevideo.com, amazon.com, ellenbarrett.com, and fitnessfly.com. The CRUNCH and PREVENTION DVDS are available at collagevideo.com.

      • ellenbarrett Says:

        H Sue.
        Good IDEA! I’ll try to get a flip video segment posted online of PILATES BARRE class. At the moment, I’ve got no intention of turning it into a dvd. I’m loving the format, but don’t expect people to have Ballet Barre’s in their homes, so…..

  10. Shannon Micol Says:

    Ellen! I came on here to ask the very same thing! We don’t need actual barres, provided we have a nice sturdy chair with a good height..! xoxo

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