Love Your Knees

Trustme. Going barefoot will help your knees. at first it may not feel that way but in the long run (no pun intended) your feet and ankles will be stronger, which will help your knees find balance. (Those knees get over worked sometimes with sneakers, while the feet get underworked.) Here are few things to consider:

1. If you are carrying extra lbs, tread lightly and perhaps do 1/2 of workout with sneakers on. Sneakers absorb shock (usually).
2. Are you exercising on a cement floor or tile? That may be too much for your knees – perhaps switch to an gentler surface, maybe carpet.
3. Do you tend to wear out your shoes at the toe/ball of the foot first? This is sort of rare but I do know people put a lot of weight into their toes (like they are on heels all the time) when they walk – this stresses out the knees quickly. Make sure your heels bear weight with every step, this will make a significant difference.
4. In BAREFOOT CARDIO, we have a “pony” option for more intensity. While it is more intense for the heart rate it is LESS intense for the knees than happy feet. So you may be surprised – try pony instead of happy feet for your knees’ sake.
5. Sneakers? If you are wearing them, take them off. If you are not wearing them, put them on! That will maybe change an imbalance that’s going on.
6.  If achy pain persists, take two days in a row and do nothing. Soak in the tub, lie in bed, get a massage…don’t even go for a walk. The pain should fizzle out.
7. Also, after doing barefoot workouts for two weeks, your pain may vanish into thin air because your knees may have caught up with the rest of your body!


One Response to “Love Your Knees”

  1. Dotty Lee Says:

    Item #4 is TOTALLY TRUE (at least for me)! I’ve been doing Barefoot Cardio for about 2 weeks and I finally figured this out on my own. The Pony has been kinder on my knees than the Happy Feet. I do a few other dvds too, but I’ve owned Ellen’s Barefoot Cardio and Skinny Sculpt for two weeks and they fast became my favorites. The turnout of the feet that you maintain for a lot of these moves is different from ‘stances/positions’ you might take in other fitness routines – works your legs in a different way than typical lunges and squats…I’m encouraged that there’s several other toning dvds in the Studio series to try out when I’m ready, but already I’m hoping for a Barefoot Cardio TWO. I’m a total fan!!!

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