Polar Bear Run Run-down

Great shot of (frozen) Lake Waramaug. Here, I am about half way through the race, feeling strong.

Lots of runner's turned out for the race!

I am trying to mix things up and keep moving so I ran the POLAR BEAR RUN on Sunday in New Preston CT. To be honest, I was dreading it all week, worried about snow (or worse, rain!) but Mother Nature came through for us – mild temp and dry.

I finished the 7.6mile race just under 1hr and 16minutes average 9.58min/mile. I MET MY GOAL! That’s the thing about running, it’s you verse you. The other runners are encouragement and inspiration. I’m running a 5K race this coming weekend – could get addictive.

On another note, and I think a lot of moms feel this…I need solitude. With a 1 year old roaming around, finding solitude in my house is not happening all that often. So I sort of “crave” running (or hikes in the woods with Roxy the dog) as a way to find a little solitude. Exercise as solitude – interesting concept!

Luca got a front row seat!

Almost there....


5 Responses to “Polar Bear Run Run-down”

  1. Ann Says:

    Great job! You did amazing!

    –I have a quick question for you: I saw your DVD recommendations for weightloss, but do you have any food/eating/calorie advice? Or any books/programs that you recommend? Thank you! I love all your workouts πŸ™‚

  2. Rebecca Says:


    Running has never come easily to me; and for that reason, I don’t run. Ever.

    But I want to.

    So, I know that your typical workouts don’t include running, that you instead teach your classes and do yoga and go on hikes with the dogs (which are much more my style as well). So– fill me in. How’d you do this? How’d you work up to being able to run nearly 8 miles??? I’m so proud of you!

    Any helpful tips are much appreciated!


  3. ellenbarrett Says:

    I suggest you sign up for some road races – 5k is a little over 3miles and you can always walk it. I ran a bit when I was in college and worked my way up to 15mile days. Endorphin highs!
    I totally believe in mixing things up and that’s why I’m doing the running thing but if you dislike running – don’t do it. Go on that hike or rollerblade or whatever, instead.

  4. Anna Says:

    I can relate to the need for solitude!

  5. Jacquie Says:

    Good morning Miss Ellen!

    Running has been something I would like to pick up. I admire runners for so many reasons: the endurance, the confidence….their legs πŸ™‚ I keep nudging my hubby to start training for some races with me but we both hate running equally. Maybe if I start he’ll be inspired??

    Also ~ in what kind of car seat is Luca? It swivels? I haven’t seen anything like it. We’re making another car seat purchase for our 1 year old and I would like to know more about yours.

    And I’m sad to say I miss the links you used to keep on your website for Lifetime, etc. Wasn’t it under “Press” or something? I would fit in the ‘Round Out Your Walk’ and ‘Wake Up and Go’ into my fitness rotation and now I can’t find the links. Could you please put them back up somewhere? Or maybe they’re here but I can’t find them πŸ™‚


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