Product Plug! Polaner All Fruit Preserves Recipe Mag

Be sure to pick up your copy of the POLANER ALL FRUIT RECIPE BOOK on your next grocery run!


3 Responses to “Product Plug! Polaner All Fruit Preserves Recipe Mag”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Great recipies! Thanks Ellen! You are so right about making your own food and being in control of what you are eating! Whenever you make a restaraunt style recipie at home -it is always less calories and fat for sure! It feels great knowing that you can duplicate your faves too!
    Tracy AZ Gal

  2. Marie Says:

    What delicious suggestions! It’s so great to see options for jelly and preservatives that aren’t loaded with sugar and corn syrup.

    Ellen – I am currently doing your Crunch Super Slim Down Yoga & Pilates DVD and loving it. I’m excited to try your other DVDs!

    I do have a question regarding the Knee Drop Progression – I’m not feeling anything in my abs while I’m performing the progression, and I’m sure that can’t be right. Do you have any tips to make sure that I’m in the right position/preforming the exercise correctly?

    Thanks! I look forward to trying out more of your exercise routines!

    • ellenbarrett Says:

      Tips for Knee Drop Progression:
      1. Ideally, the torso does not move at all, so the rotation happens exclusively at the waist.
      2. The knee can go all the way to the ground if possible, with absolute control.
      3. The knee stay glued together – when we separate the legs the leg muscles usually take over the movement.
      * If you are not feeling a challenge, you could have really awesome INTEGRATED core strength, where the whole 360degree “band” around your lower back is stable and works together like a chain-link fence. Perfect!

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