Just in time for those New Year’s Resolutions, take class with me at INNER LIGHT STUDIO in New Haven, USA:

  • TUES/THUR 7:30-8:30AMFAT BURNING FUSION FLOW, starting Tuesday, January 5th. This before-work workout is 60minutes of seamless, mindful cardio that’ll tone and de-stress too. *Must pre-register, space is limited. Email Bonnie at innerlightstudio@sbcglobal.net. $150/10classes.
  • WEDNESDAY 5:45-6:45PMBAREFOOT CARDIO, starting Wednesday January 6th. This after-work workout is 60minutes of a faster paced flow, where you’ll burn fat and expel the stress of the day. Focus is on breathing, alignment and making the mind/body connection. * No pre-registration necessary, just walk on in. 🙂


  1. Elizabeth Winters Says:

    I wish I could work out with you, but I happen to live in the New Orleans area. I wanted to thank you for making the Pick-Your-Level Pilates DVD. I started using it this past Spring and have lost 15 pounds. It has been hard to buy exercise DVD’s because I suffer(or did) from a lot of back pain from two car accidents I was in, but this DVD made it possible for me to get back into shape and even run. I have to admit being from New Orleans, good posture is sometimes hard to find. After doing your workouts, I stood up correctly probably for the first time in my adult life. Now, I can tell when I start to slump and can correct myself. What a difference it makes just in your confidence level much less how you look in the mirror. I started off at level 1, and now I’m doing mostly 2 and even some level 3 exercises. I appreciate that I didn’t have to be in perfect shape like you to start exercising. You gave me the tools I needed to get there. Thanks, Ellen, for helping me get healthy again. P.S. Do you think you’ll do another pick-your-level? Tell Liz, I’m ready(lol).

  2. Cheri Says:

    Wow, what an awesome, encouraging story! I started using Ellen’s workouts and now am not only where I want to be in how I look, but in how I “feel”. Before I was beating myself to death without results. Now, all aspects of my fitness are better. I’m grateful too for workouts that “feel good” and still get results.

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