Monday Musing

Roxy (my dog) was kicked by a horse! We were out for a hike, she was off leash and yapped at this beautiful big horse while standing underneath it’s tail and she was walloped, flew in the air like a rag doll and landed, looked lifeless. Then, she “came to” and, today, is fine – didn’t lose any teeth but I’m sure she had a horrible headache for a day or two. My point of saying this is this: this dog knows how to really live. Of course she pays the price (a.k.a, a bruised jaw) but she’s the stuff of legends. She had been sprayed by a skunk. She’s been stuck in muck and I needed to wade into knee deep mud and rescue her. (This summer, Roxy excited a wasp’s nest and you can imagine what happened there!) None of this stops her from going out into the world again, for this she is a great teacher. We all get figuratively kicked by a horse every now and again, but let’s not let it stop us from going out into the world again.

On another note, I received an adorable email with the subject header: OHMYGOSH I just received Fusion Flow today and I loved it. It is, absolutely, workout perfection! Just when I thought Barefoot Cardio was pure joy and bliss…I have found this workout! I love all the dvd’s in the Studio series but I really, really love this one! Thank you sooo much for creating this dvd. It really is perfect for all levels! Happy Holidays!”

We appreciate when you take time to write us (you can always contact us at

SKINNY SCULPT, the next DVD, will be available in late January 2010. We will keep you updated here on the FIT+FAB blog.


10 Responses to “Monday Musing”

  1. Cheri Says:

    I just got a chance to try Fusion Flow today. I’ve had a lot of stress lately with family illnesses and several other difficult situations. I think this is the perfect stress-busting workout!!! I felt worked out, relaxed and rejuvinated after doing this. Thank you so much for creating these workouts~I can’t WAIT for Skinny Sculpt.

    P.S. I love workouts with pretzels in them too, what a great exercise.

  2. Alexis Says:

    After getting “kicked by a horse” in the form of a very indulgent two week trip to Hawaii followed soon after by the holidays, I was overjoyed to receive your Barefoot Cardio as a gift from a Secret Santa. I did it for the first time today. Oh my goodness! Such a great workout! Thanks to you for your videos. You really have such a positive energy and teach me to get in tune with my body during a workout. And you are the best cue-giver in the biz. Love your workouts. Can’t wait to get Fusion Flow and Skinny Sculpt!

  3. Becky Says:

    OHMYGOSH! That was my e-mail! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really do love this workout so very much!
    I love everything about it.
    Absolutely no dread factor with this workout even with the dreaded pretzel.
    Ellen makes it so fun and easy!
    (Until you realize you are really sore the next day!)
    I think Ellen’s encouraging personality shines through and makes the workouts extra special!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Joanne Says:

    Ellen, your workouts are gems. I would be one stressed out new mom if I didn’t have them! Love that they are chaptered, too!
    Fusion Flow is lovely! (My 4 month old couldn’t take his eyes off the screen! Dad had to remove him from the room–with much protesting!) Speaking of babies, when is the “Mom and Baby” workout coming out?

    Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

    P.S. I’ve had to change how I workout since the kiddo was born. No more hour pound festivals. Your workouts make me happy and relaxed and jazzed at the same time!

  5. Lonna Says:

    I agree that Roxy (and all dogs as well as cats) can teach us to not only enjoy all the world has to offer but also the pleasure that can be found in peace, stillness and quiet relaxation. I too love, love, love Fusion Flow and Barefoot Cardio. I have every Ellen dvd and work out to them daily along with my elliptical. I am almost 50 and am in the best shape of my life…because I love my workouts. Fusion Flow is incredible and I can’t wait for Skinny Sculpt. You are an inspiration and incredible coach to all women. Thank you.

  6. Andrea Plessinger Says:

    Hi! After catching the end of Pilates Sculpt on FitTV, I ordered SlimSculpt. It should be arriving any day! How is Skinny Sculpt different?
    BTW, where can I find the green/ blue yoga clothes you were wearing in your FitTV workout? So cute!

    • ellenbarrett Says:

      Hi Andrea.
      Skinny Sculpt vs. Slim Sculpt…they are of the same vein for sure, but here’s the difference – Skinny Sculpt takes it up a notch. It’s slightly faster than Slim Sculpt and the movements are larger, so you feel extension extension extension along with the squeeze squeeze squeeze. The Skinny Sculpt DVD will be available in a couple weeks!
      As for the blue and green outfit from FIT TV – that is from

  7. Dana Says:

    Your workouts are so fun, I can’t wait until I get the extra cash to get them. I usually do you classic workouts on netflix. I can’t wait to try the new one’s. I try to do a variety on Netflix, but it’s nothing like doing 10 minutes of pick your level, if I want to do something bonus, but not so strenous. I hope I’m not over doing it though.

  8. Trix Says:

    Just did Fusion Flow for the first time and love it! A few of the moves were challenging, and I felt all stretched out and invigorated at the end. THANKS!

    And a question–what kind of mat can I buy that doesn’t crunch up when I do the rotatinging for the dancer stretch or the lunges? I’d appreciate some advice.

    • ellenbarrett Says:

      Hi there. Most yoga mats work but the surface of your floor matters too. If you are using a yoga mat and the mat continues to bunch up, don’t use a mat for the standing sections of the workout. I was recently teaching in a carpeted studio and found the mat to be unnecessary.

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