The Girl Effect

Take the time to click here. THE GIRL EFFECT, n. : The powerful social and economic change brought about when a girl is given the opportunity to participate.


3 Responses to “The Girl Effect”

  1. kittrean tanner cook Says:

    Wow, you have been such a great help…..we have spent the last year working thru Lung Cancer with my 48 year old husband. (non-smoker) 😦 Besides my faith, much of my survival depended on my eating and my exercise….your ‘friendship’ (dvds) has been much appreciated……I found your blog last week and have enjoyed reading all that it provides……I have a testimony that when dealing with a long duration crisis, if one will take care of their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, the crisis can turn into a more positive journey…..thank you for your efforts to provide these opportunities for those of us who realize the importance of keeping our bodies “in tune” and choose to move forward with this knowledge. You are great.

    • Cheri Says:

      Wow,, great post. Thank you for sharing and I’ll pray for you and your husband.

      GREAT video Ellen, thanks for sharing tha!:)

  2. kittrean tanner cook Says:

    🙂 Thank you Cheri….

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