Happy Baby, Fit Mama! DVD – Available in January

Many people have noticed that a dvd title – HAPPY BABY, FIT MAMA! – is listed on the back cover of BAREFOOT CARDIO. How come I never discussed this workout and when is it coming out? Working with a baby is a gamble. We honestly didn’t know if Luca would cooperate, but he did (for the most part!). So we got the footage we needed to make a dvd, thanks to a great editor. It’ll be out as soon as possible. I am aiming for January 2010, and will notify you of it’s release details via this blog. :)EB



8 Responses to “Happy Baby, Fit Mama! DVD – Available in January”

  1. beck Says:

    OMG, that cover photo is beautiful!

    I’ll be getting my copy of Barefoot Cardio on Tuesday; I cant’ wait! I did Yogini today (and must admit there are times I literally groan when you tell me to crawl back out in plank position!). Thanks to better portion control (I’ve always eaten healthful organic/vegetarinan/vegan food) and your STUDIO vidoes (which I do 5-6 times/week), I’ve lost 25 pounds so far!

    Totally random, but have you considered joining Twitter? (We could never get enough Ellen!)

  2. Christine Schutz Says:

    Glad to hear there is someone else who loves Ellen’s workouts but still has a few groaning moments during Yogini…Plank again? Downward facing dog again?

    What are the possible release dates for the other teasers listed on the back of Barefoot Cardio (I received it last week but I’m sick right now so haven’t had the chance to try it yet)? There was “Skinny Sculpt” and another one…Thank you for all you do, you’re the best!

  3. Cheri Says:

    What a gorgeous cover, you and Luca are simply glowing. I hope this release helps many women!

  4. Cheri Says:

    Oh and I just saw the Collage has the cover up for Fusion Flow~and a release date around December 15. Yay!! The cover is beautiful and I can’t wait for this one!!

  5. Jackie Says:

    Oh, I wish I would have had this dvd last year when my baby was born. Oh well. I am with Cheri-I hope it helps many moms with babies out there. Ellen, I love your workouts!

  6. Kristin Says:

    Ellen,love the cover! Luca is a doll.

  7. martha Says:

    That photo is truly fabulous!

  8. betty Says:

    He is ADORABLE!!!! I don’t have a child yet but am sure to be adding this to my Ellen dvds. You are my FAVORITE person to workout with! I told a friend you kick my butt and leave a smile on my face. With the help of your dvds I lost 60 pounds! Thanks so much for sharing your passion and life!!!!

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