A Totally Random Picture…

So typical – my girl, Roxy (the dog) and my little boy (Luca) sitting on my lap and, clearly, NOT enthused. They are siblings even though they are different species!



8 Responses to “A Totally Random Picture…”

  1. beck Says:

    LOVE it!

    (Love his name too; I’ve a friend whose son’s name is Lucca, from the town in Italy where his paternal great-grandparents were from)

  2. Cheri Says:

    Love the picture Ellen, Luca is getting so big!! I received my copy of Barefoot cardio and must say you outdid yourself, it was WONDERFUL. I didn’t know about the Healthy Baby, Healthy Mama DVD that was listed on the back, what is it like?

    Blessings to you and your family!!

  3. ellenbarrett Says:

    It’s so great to hear you’ve worked-out to BAREFOOT CARDIO and enjoyed it – yippee!
    Happy Baby, Fit Mama! is a DVD that we will be releasing in 2010. It features 3 10minute workouts that moms can do with their babies. I was just in the editing suite and saw the final cut and it’s so freakin’ cute! 10mins CARDIO, 10min CORE and 10min CALM (seated stretching). It’s the dvd I wish I had when Luca was 3months old. I’ll be sure to keep you updated via the blog. The cover graphics have just been approved, so you’ll be seeing those soon. :)EB

    • Cheri Says:

      Well, my “baby” boy is 9.5, my daughter nearly 12 and my oldest son 13.5 but I have people I know who are pregnant who will love the DVD. Heck, I might even check it out~I think I have all your other workouts, lol. When do you think Skinny Sculpt and Fusion Flow will be available?

  4. Becca Says:

    Hi Ellen–
    Congratulations…just happened on the blog because I am also looking for this Happy Baby, Fit Mama DVD; not that you need another project, but a prenatal from you would be fabulous.
    All of us pediatric residents/pilates fans (from 2005: carly, katie, etc!) have your videos even though we left New Haven…we all also have babies/toddlers, too! So great, isn’t it?
    best of luck,

    • ellenbarrett Says:

      Hi Becca!
      It is great. And it’s great to hear from you. Say hello to your fellow buff girl MDs! Happy Baby, Fit Mama DVD is ridiculous cute – details coming soon! xo Ellen

  5. Dana Says:

    I can’t wait to get the new dvd! I thought it was coming out in November, but the eariler the better. I have always enjoyed your workouts, they are challenging, but sometimes it’s the best medicine for days when I don’t have much energy. I just complete the burn and firm pilates on netflix. That’s a cute picture of Lucca, and your dog.

  6. Star Says:

    Cute picture! I was hoping you would post a pic of Luca to see how big he’s getting! So adorable! I can’t wait to get Barefoot Cardio. I love your other workouts!!

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