Are You From Long Island, NY?

Barefoot Cardio Masterclass flyer


2 Responses to “Are You From Long Island, NY?”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    Hello Ellen! Well I was and am a HUGE Karen Voight fan, but as she seems to be transitioning I was wondering who would motivate me next. I started with Joanie Greggains (pre-videos. She was a protegee of Jack LaLanne), then Tamilee Webb hooked me and then Karen Voight. Then YOU came along and just like Karen, I own all of your videos…you get it and I like you, I really do! 😉
    Now, the question: Will there be any difficulty with this or any loss of benefit if one has TOTALLY flat feet? =)
    Super big thank you for having the heart to want to share your amazing gift!!

    • ellenbarrett Says:

      Hi Jeannie.
      The big rule to remember is “if you feel pain, stop.” Because the DVD is 45minutes long and because it is paced so as to be very intentional with foot placement, I think your feet will feel GREAT post-workout.
      With flat feet: too much weight on the heel
      With high arches: too much weight on the toes
      Either case, going barefoot for a little while will even out your body weight distribution in your feet, which in turn can bring balance to your whole body over time.

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