Experience BAREFOOT CARDIO, Live

master classes


6 Responses to “Experience BAREFOOT CARDIO, Live”

  1. Margaret DiMartino Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I love you workouts and can’t wait for barefoot cardio. I live in Mandeville LA so I can’t attend your classes. Have you thought about live internet feed of your classes and charge for it.

  2. darleen Says:

    i think online is a terrific idea.. i live in ct and have received emails to attend the master class and your 7:30 am class in new haven . i was so excited to get the emails but i have 3 children and the times did not coincide with our schedule. i teach a”stretch and tone” class at our town community center and i really think you are on to something with these dvds. i own all 3..keep up the good work and maybe i will meet you “live” someday. sincerely, darleen reilly

  3. beck Says:


    Could you blog sometime about what your own weekly workout routine includes?

    (Mine pretty much includes your three STUDIO workouts, one day of pilates, another day of strength training, and then either a long walk or a yoga session.)

    Also, I know it’s so mundane, but what about your diet? Do you follow any sort of vegetarian/vegan/all natural or organic diet? How do you manage your portions?

    (I have to consider myself a flexitarian, since I do eat meat and cheese occassionally. But I eat most vegetarian, often vegan, and as natural/organic as possible. My struggle is definitely controlling my portion sizes!)

    I’d just love to hear your thoughts and how you do it yourself.

  4. Pat Says:

    Hi Ellen, I’m signed up for the Enfield Gold’s Gym class! I can’t wait to meet you in October! I hope to be able to get a picture with you, I’ve been a fan since Crunch Fat Burning Pilates! Pat from CT

  5. Sue Says:

    Ellen! I just happened to order your new DVD and saw you are having the class in Enfield. I just sent a registration email, Oh, I hope I can get in!

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