Funny and TRUE

A MUST READ article about how dieting (and talking about it) is boring.


4 Responses to “Funny and TRUE”

  1. beck Says:

    Ellen, I apologize for leaving this comment in a post where it doesn’t really belong; but I still wanted to pass along a link to a recent blog post I wrote— about you!

    Thanks to your workouts and inspiration (as well as managing my portions better), I have so far lost 11 pounds and am working myself toward better health. Thank you!

  2. ellenbarrett Says:

    Hi Beck – I’m so thrilled! And I was just on your blog…thanks for the kind words. And great blog, really fun and insightful. :)Ellen

  3. beck Says:

    Hi Ellen– You’ve just made my day! I’m so looking forward to your three new DVDs. As an aside, because I so much love that you blog, have you considered joining Twitter? I’ll see you this afternoon for my workout 🙂 Beck

  4. nicole Says:

    not only is talking about dieting boring and unhealthy, it’s very dangerous for kids! My daughter was only 4 when she started asking me how many calories were in the food she ate. She would hear me talk about it every time I ate. Those of us with children (especially daughters) should never be discussing weight, calories or using the ‘f’ word. (fat!) We are setting them up for an even more unhappy lifelong battle with body image than we have. I started using terms like this food is ‘healthier’ and it’s ‘fun’ to exercise, instead of saying if I eat this i’ll be fat, or dreading exercising and complaining about it.
    And it is funny how when insulting ourselves we are insulting everyone around us. I have 6 sisters, all but 1 are ‘bigger’ than me. So basically everytime I say I’m fat or I need to lose weight I’m saying the same about them.

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