Master Classes Coming Soon

I’ll be teaching some BAREFOOT CARDIO classes around the weeks of the DVD release.We’re are starting to firm up some dates and locations. Registration for these events isn’t available just yet, but if you live in these areas, maybe save the date – exact sign-up details will be posted here in a couple weeks!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30: Hartford, CT area
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7: Northern New Jersey
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8: Long Island, NY (Westbury area)

If you or your workout facility is interest in hosting a class, please email and let us know.


7 Responses to “Master Classes Coming Soon”

  1. Lainie Says:

    Fun–could maybe make it to the northern NJ one if I’m sufficiently recovered from childbirth by then! (due mid-Sept)

  2. Marina Says:

    Come to Seattle!

  3. cathy Says:

    You’re awesome Ellen!! thank u for inspiring me to get strong and in shape! your workouts are so fun and invigorating.

  4. Amanda Says:

    St. Louis loves you!!! Hope to see you here one day!

  5. rebecca Says:

    I second Amanda– come to the Lou!

    Also, I (we?) would love to have an idea of what your weekly workouts tend to be. I try to walk for an hour at least three days a week and do two yoga sessions weekly. I also have your Studio DVDs, so I’m working those in as well!

  6. ellenbarrett Says:

    CONFIRMATION: Master Class, Friday, October 30th at 6pm in Enfield Connecticut’s GOLD’s Gym.To register, email Space is limited.

  7. Angie Says:

    I just received Barefoot Cardio from Collage Video, and I love it! Today was the third time I’ve done it, and it’s great! (I find it perfect for someone like me, who has a very delicate lower back due to a work-related injury which occured in late 2007.) It’s low-impact but it gets my heart rate up and works those muscles…and just makes me feel great! I also have the Walk Off Belly Fat and really enjoy it, also. I just ordered Bikini Ready Fast and look forward to working out to another great Ellen Barrett video. I have become a HUGE fan of Ellen’s and agree with everyone else here. She is so inspiring and makes exercising so much fun! She is also a wealth of knowledge she shares as we work out to her videos with her! We love you, Ellen! Thank you for helping me get & stay in great shape!!!!

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