More Random Pics From The DVD Shoot

BC_5Michelle (on left) and I went to college together. I was a tennis player, she was a cheerleader. She teaches fitness now and is also a make-up artist. She is stunningly beautiful – see the up-close snapshot below!

Natalie (on the right) is a veteran fitness instructor and continues to lead packed classes at THE STUDIO. I met her at the 2005 ECA conference in NYC. At the onset of my workshop I said, “Hi Everybody, I’m Ellen and I just moved to Connecticut. Does anyone here live in Connecticut?” I was feeling lonely, missing my California friends and needed some fitness instructing friends on the east coast, plus I just opened the studio and was killing myself teaching too many classes/week. After the workshop, this smily woman walked up to me and said, “I live in Connecticut and I’d love to teach at your studio.” Oh Natalie, I still get chills… like an angel walked up to me -I just knew it was a stroke of luck! To this day I say, “Natalie was sent to me by God.” 🙂
BC_4 People ask how the exercisers in DVDs become exercisers in DVDs. For me, I don’t want actors or models because sometimes they don’t have the stamina and work ethic to make it through the day. The shoot days are long and physical and there is a lot of start and stopping. That’s why I want actual instructors who I know personally  – they understand that the shoot day isn’t “a workout” it’s a job. Instructors (I think) are made of steel! Super tough. Not wimpy at all.

ONSET_5This is my niece, Jennifer. She’s 13 years old going on 21! I put her to work making sure we smiled on camera. Jen (as you can see) was very good at the job! When cameras weren’t rolling, Jen was busy texting. She brought a lot of youthful energy to the set.

skinnysculpt_5Here I am, grateful to sit down on set. If you look closely, I’ve got coffee, my Ipod and my choreography notes – three “VIPs” that I became dependent on during the whole DVD process. The only missing element was water. I usually have a 1.5liter bottle with me at all times too. And about the note….No one can understand the notes except me. I create my own secret code unintentionally – lots of arrows and bullet points and doodling in the margins. Happens every time, even though I start out with neatly typed clean copy!

I’ve just seen some video footage and it’s lookin’ good! stay tuned.


12 Responses to “More Random Pics From The DVD Shoot”

  1. On this day in History - Jul 16 | Betting Tennis Club Says:

    […] More Random Pics From The DVD Shoot I was a tennis player, she was a cheerleader. She teaches fitness now and is also a make-up artist. She is stunningly beautiful – see the up… […]

  2. Dorottya Says:

    Dear Ellen, thanks for giving all this info on how its getting done! It is very interesting, I never thought that it is that much work!! It looks so easy: I just start the DVD.. only 45 minutes…:) and how much work you have behind them – I guess this is why they are so great!
    Cannot wait for the new DVDs!

  3. Sue Martin Says:

    Hi Ellen:

    I am such a big fan of your DVD’s. I was so excited to hear about your new workouts! Can’t wait to order all of them!!!

  4. Lucie Says:

    Hi Ellen

    Its great fun seeing you go through the process – I work in a post production house so although we ‘finish’ the product we don’t get to see the hard work that goes into it! I think we’re all chomping at the bit for these new work outs!

  5. Marina Says:

    Thanks for sharing updates with us, Ellen. Keep them coming! I’m excited to buy these as soon as they’re available!

  6. Trisha Says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Decided to check out your website to read your blogs and to see if any new DVD’s were coming, and was pleasantly surprised to see that you are currently working on them. I love to change up my workout with a new DVD now and then – it keeps me motivated to workout everyday. I am in my mid 50’s and I love how your workouts “work” for all ages! Can’t wait for November!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Hi Ellen! I have become very faithful to use your Studio series in my workouts so I am thrilled that you are working on new workouts for the series. I will definitely be buying them as soon as they come out. Thank you for caring about us and creating fun, effective workouts to help us be healthy.

  8. Melissa Says:

    I can’t wait! Your workouts are amazing.

  9. Dana Says:

    I really love your workouts, your workouts really get my muscles working. Your workouts are very new to me. I discovered your workouts on Netflix. They are very, very challenging, but I really feel energized after I do them. I’m the only one in my house that exercises. My mom always tell me that she needs to be working out. She never has the time, as for me I make the time. I use to watch Denise Austin’s workouts on lifetime, and the podfitness workouts, with Jeanette Jenkins, Yumi Lee, and Ron Matthews. I have been working out every since high school, and I have tried to stick with it. Working out works for me, and I’m glad I discovered your workouts! I can’t wait for the new workouts. I still haven’t tried your latest workouts yet, but I will.

  10. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t wait for you new DVD Ellen! I love your pilates workouts. They are fun and effective! Keep ’em coming!

  11. Marieta Says:


    Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the process. Can’t wait to get my hands on your videos! You inspire me a lot. 🙂 Thanks for all you’re doing!

  12. Rina Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I love your workouts. You’re very inspiring. I’d like to know if I can alternate Slim Sculpt and Crunch’s Burn and Firm using 2-3 lb. dumbbells. These 2 workouts are basically low-impact for me and leave me sweating like crazy when I’m done. They flow really well and I feel that I had a great workout and not wasted my time when I finished. I ask because as I read it before that I have to take a day off from strength training to give time for my muscles to recover. However, with the light weights, I think Slim Sculpt would be for my upper body day and Burn and Firm for my lower body day. Cardio, Abs and stretch are in both so it’s a complete workout so I was wondering if alternating them would be OK….I workout 6 days a week., and oh, I’m 44 years old. Thanks!

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