Exercise Mat Management

matsLet Mother Nature take care of your yoga mat! You don’t need fancy spray or detergents. Here’s what I do (and I’ve done this for over 10 years and my yoga mats have never deteriorated):

First, I have three mats that I rotate. One is in use while the other two are hanging on my deck getting rained on OR hanging in the guest bathroom shower. Second, I use unscented castile soap (Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soap is a good brand) and warm water. Remember, your face is up close to your mat and you don’t need to breath in cleaning chemicals. I use castile soap as my own soap and as Sophie & Roxy’s (the dogs) soap. (No funky perfumes for us!) Third, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! My mats “lay out” in the sun for an hour or so and be sure to sun both sides. Sunlight is anti-bacterial and as with bed linens, gives a fresh air smell that I love. Four, I don’t store my mats rolled up. Try to lay them flat or hang them from a ledge. Five, be possessive of your mat. Don’t let your husband, your kids, your friends “borrow” your mat. They’ll taint it with their energy and their energy may be good or bad but it’s not YOUR energy….your mat is “a room of one’s own”.


4 Responses to “Exercise Mat Management”

  1. blair Says:

    Thank you for this simple and practical advice. I have stored my mat rolled up for years, and even with cleaning it still has that “rubbery” smell. I am going to try giving it some sunshine.

    And thank you for your workouts. I discovered you via your zen sculpt on fit tv and your combination of strength and stretch really really works for me (nothing else ever has). So thanks for the thoughtful way you design you routines. Maybe you can come teach a workshop at our retreat in the bahamas someday!!

  2. Cheri Says:

    I’m late to comment but just found this. I don’t have anywhere outside to hang mine because my big puppy will eat my mats, lol. I just purchased some Dr. Bonner’s and will hang the mats on my screened in porch. I wondered what type of the soap you used for personal cleansing~the bar or liquid? TIA Ellen, you’re a source of information!!

  3. ellenbarrett Says:

    I use liquid, but the bar will work just as well. On a sunny day you can drape the mat over your car (still may not be dog-proof!). :)EB

  4. Cheri Says:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back Ellen. Thanks for your tips. And my dog is in a large enclosed area so yes, my car is doggie-proof!

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