Daily Dose of Vitamin “E” (Exercise)

dolphin_floatThe Dolphin Float (Body+Soul Magazine)From your knees, lean forward until you come to rest on your forearms with palms in prayer position. Staying on your forearms, lift legs up into plank position, curling toes under, so that your body forms a straight line (also called elbow plank). Exhale and, hinging slightly at the hips, lift hips about six inches to form a triangle. Inhale and return to elbow plank. Repeat 10 times.
* I remember this photo shoot – it was in Ojai CA. Miles and miles of orange orchards surrounded the shoot location and it was sunny and warm. Ah, a good day. 


One Response to “Daily Dose of Vitamin “E” (Exercise)”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    Cool! I’m going to add this to my mat class next week, thanks!
    When we lived in southern California we spent a lot of time in Ojai. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful places anywhere!

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