Running on a Hot Spring Day

Hello Buff Girls! It’s been a while since I posted anything. 

  1. Steve and I are very involved with a great organization called The Clifford Beers Clinic. There is a 5K race on May 9th in New Haven, CT. Join us – the more the merrier! (I bought fancy new running sneakers for the occasion.)
  2. Late last year, Cooking Light contacted me to write a few fitness features for their mag. The first one is in this month’s issue, May 2009. It’s about sprucing up your walk routine. On newsstands now. 
  3. There have been some whispers about future DVDs on online chat rooms….yes, we are embarking on three more THE STUDIO by ELLEN BARRETT DVDs. Shooting to be sometime early summer, available in late October. Still formulating the details, but we’ve got the producer/director on board! Video blog entries to come….

9 Responses to “Running on a Hot Spring Day”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Yay! So excited to hear about some new videos coming out.

  2. Jocilyn Says:

    Ellen….new videos….perfect!

  3. Cheri Says:

    Yeah, can’t wait for the new workouts!!

  4. Mary Says:

    Can’t wait!!

  5. CP Says:

    Yay! That’s great news, and I can’t wait for your new workouts! Must be very exciting for you, too! Good luck and have fun! (I am very picky when it comes to exercise videos, but I have all of yours and enjoy each one… even the older Crunch Fitness and Self magazine routines) I only wish I lived closer so I could take a live class!

    You’re great! Thanks for being real and doing such great work. Cheers!

  6. Jenny Says:

    I am so excited for the new workouts!

  7. Joan Edwards Says:

    Yipee! Great news to hear you are working on new videos. I have the complete set of all your work outs, even the Belly Fat ones, and I would not use anything else. The pride you take in all your workouts is apparent. Did I mention I’m 50! Your workouts are the reason I look 10 years younger! Thank you for all you do for all of us! I never looked and felt better! 🙂

  8. Jennifer Taylor Says:

    I just started exercising a few months ago after I had my baby girl. Congratulations on your new little one! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your workouts. I feel like a million bucks since I started. I own a couple of Crunch workouts and I just invested in Slim Sculpt. I LOVE IT. I am definitely going to order more. Keep them coming!

  9. Brigitte Says:

    Oh yay! I have all of your videos and love rotating them. After using yours for the past year or two, I find that I can’t stand any others. lol I hope that you will one day come out with prenatal video. I am pregnant with twins (still very early) and need something that will get me through this pregnancy. 🙂 If you aren’t planning to make one, can you recommend any please?

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