Workout With Me in June



8 Responses to “Workout With Me in June”

  1. neimanmarxist Says:

    oh, i wish i could!

  2. JavaChick Says:

    I wish I could! But I will continue to put your DVDs to good use. 🙂

  3. thatgrl Says:

    Wish I could too! We just found out we might be moving to CT, so if we do I’ll be trying my best to get in!

    I just got the last DVD, so I now have all three! Yippee! And ow, I’m so tight and sore! But it is a good sore, I just have to stretch more. Thanks for the awesome DVD’s!!

  4. dmb5_libra Says:

    sometimes i wish i lived further up north to attend one of your studio classes, but CT is too far for this DC girl. you are such an AWESOME instructor and i have bought every single one of your DVDs. i have gotten bikini ready fast EVERY summer!

    you have been such an inspiration for me to have a healthy body and also take care of mind and spirit. thank you!!!!!!

    btw, congrats on the baby!

  5. Mary Beth Says:

    I’d LOVE to be able to attend a class in person, but unfortunately I live too far away! Any chance Ellen would ever do a “tour” of classes, and pass through St. Louis? 🙂

  6. Joan Says:

    Any chance you might be coming to Charleston, SC? I would LOVE to attend a live class, you’re the best!

  7. ellenbarrett Says:

    Hi Everyone.
    The June class series is sold out (as space was limited) but Bonnie has a waiting list, so you can always contact her and sneak into a spot. And I’ll be teaching more classes in the fall.
    And as for Charleston – maybe in the future I’ll teach in SC when the new dvds come out! :)EB

  8. Deb Palladino Says:

    A few months ago, I came across FitTv, and decided to start working out 3 times a week to whoever was on the All Star Workout that morning. Well, I’ve bellydanced, I’ve kickboxed, I’ve hip-hopped,and I’ve done yoga on FitTv, but none of them compared to when Ellen Barrett was on. Her workouts are perfect! I’m 45, and haven’t worked out in a long time. It’s controlled and focused exercise, and I cant believe the results I’m seeing. Even with the commercial breaks, I was getting a great workout. Well, all I want to do now is Ellen’s workouts, so I went on line and got Fat Burning fusion (love it, love it, love it!) and just recently ordered Slim Sculpt (havent gotten it yet). I’ve never gone online to rave about something like this, but I’ve been doing it for months, and its wonderful. Its a routine that’s easy to stick with. I really look forward to working out because of these routines. I live in CT, and would love to personally attend one of her classes. Please email me if anything becomes available. Ellen has inspired me!!!

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