Michelle Obama’s Arms are Too Awesome For DC

michelle_oShe’s not wearing anything that Jackie O didn’t wear. The only difference is that Michelle Obama’s arms are buff and Jackie’s were “delicate”. 

(Just my opinion) I say that the ado surrounding Michelle’s arms is because they convey  strength and lots of people are intimidated, either consciously or unconsciously. In fact, it’s not just her arms – Michelle O’s whole aura conveys strength, mental and physical. Maybe the “boy’s club” in Washington can’t deal with it, but that’s their problem….


9 Responses to “Michelle Obama’s Arms are Too Awesome For DC”

  1. Lainie Says:

    Wouldn’t you love to have her join you in a workout DVD? On the other hand she’s probably to strong to be just backup crew!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Her body is amazing. And yes…I think people are so intimidated by her they can’t stand it. She’s gonna ruffle a lot of feathers over the next four years and I will be cheering her along the entire time!

  3. Alyssa Says:

    I read an interview with a (male) Washington “insider” in which he said that Mrs. Obama has proven her strength by showing her arms, and now it’s “time to put the guns away.”
    I think the boys in Washington are assuming she’s showing off, which is, perhaps, what some men would do. Or that she’s trying to prove something, rather than wearing stylish clothes she feels comfortable in.
    It reminds me of the Womens’ World Cup soccer team, when Brandi Chastain, after winning the game, ripped off her shirt and was wearing a sports bra. There’s was a huge brou-ha-ha, and a lot of men thought she did it in order to be sexy, but she was just emulating male players, who often rip their shirts off after winning a game.

  4. Susan Says:

    I like your site, but can we please just stick to fitness?

  5. Lisa Says:

    Ellen, I love your style, grace and your videos. You are very inspiring and motivating and I enjoy your workouts very much. However, I must respectfully disagree with you about Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama’s arms are toned…no argument there….but many people are annoyed by her, not intimidated. She has put down this country many times and together with her husband she is helping push forth an agenda many do not agree with. Surely we can find better role models for women who have equally toned arms AND love of this country.

  6. Alexis Says:

    Oy. I guess people are finding it hard to realize that it’s Ellen’s website, and she can write about anything she pleases. How rude to come here and tell her who she should admire and what she should “stick to”.

  7. ellenbarrett Says:

    Hey, I just think her arms are outstanding!

  8. Dion in Chicago 888-294-9702 Says:

    Migosh I think many are just jealous of Michelle Obama’s arms, i mean I can’t stand Pres Obama who is just a New World Order puppet in place to destroy America and LIBERTY but Michelle Obama sure is very tall and sexy and wow her arms are so smooth, long sexy and strong, I would give anything to have 5′ 11″ tall Michelle Obama to bearhug me so tight (5’6″) and yank me around like a ragdoll and my feet dangling off of the floor helplessly not to mention how awesome it would feel to have her strangle me until i pass out with her long powerful smooth athletic arms wrapped snug around my neck in sleeperholds! “Micheele Obama, hold me squeeze me so tight, strangle me, dangle me off of my feet your long smooth arms so strong sexy looking and powerful!!!” So cheers to Michelle for her beauty and attractive muscular arms despite her and Barack destroying AMERICA our great REPUBLIC with LIBERTY being flushed down the toilet as the Obamas march to the orders of their elitist New World order masters!

  9. rebecca Says:

    oh ellen, i want to commend you on writing your honest thoughts (which i agree with, by the way) and being brave enough to face the crazy that can come from that (see above).

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