Who is that?

ellen_pilatesstyle_coverIt’s me, with A LOT of help! This is a sneak peak at the March/April ’09 issue of Pilates Style. Merci beaucoup to the makeup artist! (And just for the record, the photoshoot took place about a week before I was pregnant.) 

It’ll be on newsstands (and in “Whole Foods” stores) starting March 10th. There is an article inside the magazine about THE STUDIO DVDs.


8 Responses to “Who is that?”

  1. Marina Says:

    You look gorgeous, Ellen, and it’s not just the makeup! I’ve never bought this magazine before but I’ll be looking for my first copy next week. You’re a great inspiration and a wonderfully sincere motivator. The Studio DVDs deserve all of this wonderful press they’ve been getting!

  2. melissa Says:

    So beautiful! And I agree with Marina…it’s not just the makeup. You always seem to GLOW! I will definately pick up the mag when it comes out! You rock, Ellen!!!

  3. Karri Says:

    You look fantastic! I’ve never bought this magazine either, but I might look for the next one!
    I’ve had your Slimsculpt DVD for a few months now and love it. I just bought the other two and can’t wait till they get here. I’ve been stuck, bouncing up and down by 3 pounds for the last two weeks, so hopefully the change will help! I’ve lost a total of 14 pounds, and have 60 more to go.

    Hope you are doing great with the pregnancy!

  4. kris Says:

    congrats on yet another gorgeous cover!

  5. Kate A Says:

    Ellen you look great (as always).
    I first found out about The Studio 4 years ago by reading either this magazine or another Pilates magazine that had a feature story on you. I miss your classes (I work Wednesdays), but having 3 of your DVDS s keeps me motivated. Yogini is the best overall, it leaves me feeling strong and lean.
    Your son is beautiful; congrats!

  6. Rachael Says:

    This is the an odd question but….I LOVE that shirt you wore on the cover of the March Pilates style mag.

    Where is it from?

  7. ellenbarrett Says:

    The top is from PRANA – I love it too. 🙂

  8. Mary Beth Says:

    I picked up this magazine so I could read it on the airplane on our way to vacation. The next morning, after my walk on the beach, I went out on our balcony to do the exercises you showed in the article. I felt fantastic when I was done – stronger, leaner, relaxed and ready for the day! What a “blissful” way to start the day! (I LOVE that word, by the way – it puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.) I continued to do the exercises every morning. Thanks for giving me a wonderful way to add enjoyment to my vacation!

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