I’m Sooo Doing This Next Year!

New Yorkers are crazy – on Feb.3rd they raced up the Empire State Building. Just for the heck of it…a sanctioned event. Crazy, but cool, right? This morning’s New York Times newspaper has a cute article about stair climbing as exercise, with a cute picture taken at the finish line – the top of the Empire State Building.


One Response to “I’m Sooo Doing This Next Year!”

  1. Laura Kalehoff Says:

    Hi Ellen! I just had to email you because I did a SELF workout video for the first time today (determined to start the SELF Challenge!) and instantly recognized you as my house mom at Alphia Xi Delta at S.U. (back when I was Laura Gross)! I couldn’t believe it! You look amazing and I’m so glad you’ve found such great success! I actually work at SELF, as a senior editor in the features department, but rarely do videos otherwise I would have realized this connection earlier! In fact, I’ve been on an extended workout hiatus (I have a 2 year old and 7 month old), but working to get back to it starting today! Great to see you’re doing fantastically, and congratulations on handsome little Luca!

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