The Desire to Move is Innate (I think)


6 week old Luca doing a full hip lift on the changing table...

6 week old Luca doing a full hip lift on the changing table...

I’ve always had a hard time being idle. I think I was a labeled a  “difficult” child because I was either roller skating on my mother’s new hardwood floors or I was pogo-sticking down a street full of traffic! One time, because it was winter, I  jumped rope in the garage and broke the ceiling’s garage door opener. As an adult, I see that my need to move was/is NOT a flaw (but it took me 30years). Seeing my baby Luca joyfully flail his arms and legs  – even doing what looks like advanced Pilates moves – I realize that the desire to move is innate and it sometimes gets “snuffed” out of a lot of us, due to society/work demands/mental fatigue/ being un-inspired. 

So my postpartum lower back has healed and I’m getting adequate sleep again (Luca is a “5 hours straight” sleeper at night!) – ah, to be pain-free and energized – I’ll never take it for granted again. Planning on feeding my desire to move, with no guilt. :)EB


6 Responses to “The Desire to Move is Innate (I think)”

  1. Deborah Diesen Says:

    I seem to remember reading somewhere about a very fit person spending an entire day copying his or her (can’t remember if it was a Mom or Dad) baby’s movements, flailing and rolling right along with the baby; and the parent ended the day *totally* exhausted. Babies absolutely embody the learn-by-moving approach to things! I definitely agree with you that the desire to move is innate.

    I enjoy your blog, and your DVDs are on regular rotation in my morning workouts. My best to you and your adorable baby Luca.

  2. Anna Says:

    Luca is adorable! Enjoy your good sleeper. If you go for number 2 you might not be as lucky, I sure wasn’t! 😉

  3. Alyssa Says:

    What a cutie!!!!
    My 7 year-old hasn’t stopped moving since the day he was born.
    My 5 year-old is a little more mellow, but she’s starting to catch up to her brother.
    I’m tired!

  4. antigone Says:

    Enjoy that baby! They grow so fast and your investment of time, energy and emotion is worth more than 1,000,000 public appearances and magazine covers!

  5. Melissa Says:

    I did your all star workout during my pregnancy 4 times a week until nearly the day i was due and loved it. I also got regular chiro adjustments during and after. 16 months into our adventure I still fluctuate from a 8-10 and i was a 6. Not as much time to do the 50 minute workout, now. Instead as much as possible (1- 4 times per week) I do the 30 minute choose your own level. I still believe that they will go back to a 6 one day, but if they don’t it doesn’t matter I have a beautiful son and husband who love me anyway.
    Thanks for the great workouts and enjoy your family!

  6. Dianne Breen Says:

    Luca is beautiful! So happy for you – enjoy the mothering –before you know it he will announce that he is engaged my son just did! I have no idea where the 27 years went. Stay in the moment-take care, Dianne Breen (studio regular)

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