Fat Burning Fusion Wins Award

Pilates Style Magazine gave FAT BURNING FUSION some accolades, calling the DVD the “ultimate mix master.” 



8 Responses to “Fat Burning Fusion Wins Award”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Congrats! Your Buff Girl DVD’s deserve all the accolades and praise; they are fantastic. FBF is my go-to favorite for feeling energized and graceful.

  2. Diane Says:

    I absolutely love all three of The Studio workouts. Congratulations!

  3. Eva Says:

    I just did the FBF workout yesterday for the first time. It was a great workout. My inner thighs muscles are really feeling it today. I love when muscles are being worked and you don’t realize it until later.

  4. Erynn Says:

    I’m not sure where to post this comment but I’m just really glad that Ellen has a site with a bio. We hang out all the time (via video) and it’s nice to have some more details to go along with the back story that I made up for her & all the girls on Fat Burning Pilates. Her videos are great and I hope she makes more & gets all the peanut butter she desires.

  5. jenn Says:

    Bought all 3 DVD’s as a christmans present to self! Love them all. Been a follower for 5+ years dating back to the early crucnc series and still use those too. Thanks. I am a physical therapist and atheltic trainer trained in 3 dimensional planes of body movement and posture and your workouts rally do a nice job of capturing all of it! The flow is so nice.

  6. Alexis Says:

    I just pulled this one out after not having done it for awhile. Man, what a workout! My hips and thighs were feeling it. Loved it.

  7. ripley Says:

    I just love you Ellen, thank God that you are so easy to follow, likeable and down to earth. I absolutely recomend you to all of my friends who dont know much about Pilates, I know with you they wont get lost!

  8. leangenix Says:

    what a workout. This is pure gem .

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