Book Report

 Water can not be underestimated and I found this book to be really fascinating – nice that a medical doctor is taking a simple (and FREE) approach to wellness, instead of aggressively pushing other methods (like pharmaceuticals or surgery). According to the author, Batmanghelidj, an Iranian trained doctor,  symptoms like fatigue, anxiety or depression indicate dehydration, not just a dry mouth. He discusses water in relation to ulcers, arthritis, heart disease and even cancer…super interesting, and worth your time. He avers that by staying hydrated you will more likely stay healthy, thin and disease-free. 

I know for me, when I’m hydrated I have way more energy…I always try to drink up before class, so my voice works well too. WATER: FOR HEALTH, FOR HEALING, FOR LIFE is available in paperback for about $10. I’ve gotten a lot of my clients and friends to read it and they all say it was eye-opening.


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