Friday Night with Deepak Chopra

Hi everyone.  It was such an intimate venue, I chickened out on snapping a photo…didn’t want to seem like a groupie.  Anyway, my pal Barbara got exclusive tickets to a Deepak talk that wasn’t open to the public and was “hidden” in a small hotel conference room. Everything he discussed was a “deep thought” and I slept well that night – my brain worked very hard listening and trying to comprehend the info and had to rejuvenate! Deepak led a group meditation too, which was cool and well-received. Here are some other highlights: 

  • “The soul can not be found in the body” – if an MD opened up your brain, your heart, your lungs, etc, she wouldn’t find your soul, AKA, “The Thinker Behind the Thought”. More proof that we are more than the physical form. 
  • Because desire comes from the soul, the two most important questions you can ask yourself are: 1. Who am I? 2. What do I want? 
  • Meditation can be a gateway to the “The Thinker Behind the Thought” and Deepak recommends daily meditation. 
  • Thoughts are electro-magnetic vibrations. 
At the end of his talk, Deepak mentioned that the words “Health” and “Whole” and “Holy” all come from the same root word, saying that the body/mind/spirit are the “Whole” and “Holy”….and we need all three for “Health”. Oh, good stuff, right? 

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