Attention Ladies!

Hi Buff Girls. Here’s the one-page interview – it’s encourages daily activity in your life and not being a “workout junkie”…which I’ve been myself, and from hanging around the gym all these years, I’ve hung around plenty.
Also in the October issue, is a GREAT article about exercise and the menstrual cycle. EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ IT (and heed it!). It really makes sense. You know, we have this weekly schedule that everyone adheres to for business, but what about our moon cycle for wellness? And for the record, I think women should avoid formal exercise during their periods. I also think that during PMS, women should definitely workout – instead of eating ice cream on the couch – but that workout should be moderate in intensity (no Tae Bo) but longer in duration (90+minutes of steady cardio, like walking). Let’s honor the feminine!  Try it for yourself – you’ll see a difference in your vitality in just one month. Our culture views menstruation as this big nuisance, but it’s actually a great tool to connect yourself to your body.


4 Responses to “Attention Ladies!”

  1. kris Says:

    oh ellen…how i miss working out with you! well, the dvds are great but not exactly the same…so please keep the great words of wellness wisdom coming! you rock the trinity of body, mind, spirit like no other.

  2. Delight Worthyn Says:

    Hey Ellen,
    Haven’t talked to you in ages.Iam hoping you will put a link to my new etsy site.Do you know about etsy,I think you would like it.Anyway,I hope you,Steve and the pups are well and I hope to talk[and see ]you soon.Catch up with what you’ re doing since I last saw you.Keep in touch…delight

  3. Leah Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I’m a new fan and love your routines. I was reading through old Vogue magzines from the 1930’s and there were these recommendations for exercise for “suppleness”. That’s what I think of when I follow along with you–no bulk, just a graceful strength and elegant line. It’s modern, yet old-fashioned.

    By the way, speaking of the menstrual cycle, have you read The Venus Week? It’s a new book that’s very interesting and confirms much of what I have long intuitively felt.

  4. Renee Says:

    Ellen — I think that’s the magazine I just subscribed to. I hope I get that issue. I think you’re wonderful for honoring the feminine in our bodies.

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