Post Hike Foot Soak

You all know that I am pretty obsessed right now with getting in nature and the weather has been so perfect. My dogs are always willing to go too – built in hiking companions. Today, we went on an 8 mile hike and it took us a little over 2 hours. The trail was imbedded in deep forest  with lots of shade and there was a meandering stream that we had to hop over every once in a while.


Even though it doesn't look it, the water is really clean and ICE cold. My feet love it.

You can't really tell from the photo, but the water is clean and cold.

I forget that I am exercising when I go on these excursions, just like I didn’t realize I was exercising when I was taking Ballet class just for fun. I hope you all have an activity that makes you ‘forget’ too!  (Makes fitness seem effortless….)

A perfect location for a swimming hole was at the “finish line” – Sophie-the-dog went swimming, and I took off my shoes, put on flip flops and waded into the ice cold water (seriously, like an iceberg just melted – so cold!). Just standing in water for five minutes does wonders. First, taking your socks and shoes off ASAP is a good idea (I say “free your feet”). Second, soaking them feels heavenly and is so simple. Third, the cold water cools down not just your feet, but your whole body. A simple pleasure and a simple reward for a hike well done. Right now, four hours later, I don’t feel like a took a long walk in the woods – my feet feel fresh and ready for an active night. (Nothing exciting…we are on our way to Home Depot – TORTURE, my least favorite place! Better be quick – and then out to dinner.)


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