Almond Smoothie for Breakfast

When I was on Martha Stewart radio, I mentioned a great breakfast option, “Almond Smoothie.” We’ve gotten some emails requesting the recipe, so I thought I’d post it. This smoothie is vegan, raw and hydrates you – plus, it’s yummy. I’ll make this when I have an early morning workout or in the summer when a cool smoothie hits the spot. (Note: people ask me about “protein powder” and other shake mixes. I don’t know enough about them to comment, but I will say that this smoothie has about 10 grams of protein, which is a perfect amount for the female body to process at one time. AND, I think the more natural, the better!)

Here are the steps: 

  • Step One: take one cup of raw+unsalted almonds and soak in water over night (10hours). This will soften the almonds, “puff’ them up and activate their enzymes.  
  • Step Two: drain the almonds in a strainer. Then, combine in blender the 1 cup of soaked almonds and 2 cups of water. Blend for 3 minutes or until creamy and smooth. 
  • Step Three: Pour almond puree through a cheese cloth or a strainer. This will separate the pulp from the milk. (You use the pulp for homemade granola, an ice cream topping, or as a flour in cookie batter.)
  • Step Four: Put the almond milk back in the blender and add two tablespoons of either agave nectar or maple syrup. Add one whole banana (or one cup of berries works well too). Optional: add 1/2teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, and perhaps 1/2 cup ice (if you want a very “slushie” consistency).
  • Step Five: Blend on “whip” for 2-3 minutes – it’ll become creamy and fluffy – pour into two tall glasses and drink immediately (it can’t be stored well, as the ingredients will separate). Makes two generous servings. 

7 Responses to “Almond Smoothie for Breakfast”

  1. julie Says:

    i hate my weight

  2. Why You Should Eat More Almonds Says:

    […] Almonds for breakfast I have introduced almonds to my body by adding them to my daily breakfast shake. The reason I am now eating/drinking almonds is that they are healthy, nutritious and they taste really good. There are various healthy and great tasting breakfast recipes where you add almonds. You can make oat and almond breakfast bars, almond breakfast bread, or have an almond smoothie for breakfast. […]

  3. miss swan Says:

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  4. Marisu Says:


  5. Marisu Says:

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  6. Kathi Koslow Says:

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  7. Getting healthy Says:

    Great recipe, I am going to the store to buy some almonds! Can’t wait to make it.. Just a small silly question: I know this kind of almond milk is more wholesome, but how different it is from the store-bought almond milk?

    Thank you!

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