New DVDs, Explained

Back in March, I was hired by the editors at Prevention magazine, to create two DVDs based on their huge hit, FLAT BELLY DIET book. I read the book with a highlighter and post-it notes – it’s filled with hardcore science regarding weight loss and abdominal fat. The editors wanted that same science to be apparent in the DVDs. Everything in these DVDs, from the intensity level, to the sequence of sections to the durations of each section, has been very thought out. Quite the challenge, but the final products (EXPRESS BELLY BLAST and WALK OFF BELLY FAT) show that level of intelligence. 

Now, these DVDs are a big departure from THE STUDIO ones. Sneakers are a must. The workouts are broken down into segments (anywhere from 30minutes to 5minutes). There is a lot of talk regarding your “flattening your belly.” However, after just watching them for the first time, I think they are effective and enjoyable and still possess THE STUDIO “no pressure” vibe. 

So that’s my take on these DVDs! I hope you like them!


5 Responses to “New DVDs, Explained”

  1. JavaChick Says:

    On the topic of DVDs, I just wanted to say that I am a fan! I have all of your Crunch Fitness DVDs and The Studio ones as well. They are DVDs that I really enjoy doing and I like the results I see from the workouts. I will definitely check out your new ones.

  2. Alexis Says:

    I have the Express Belly Blast and really enjoy it. It is a departure from The Studio workouts, but that’s good for me, as I like a lot of variety in my workout routines. I wish I could get your Fit TV workouts on DVD. My satellite provider doesn’t provide Fit TV, and I really enjoyed those workouts.

  3. Dev Says:

    I really enjoy The Studio workouts that I have, plus I have 2 workouts that are permanently recorded on my DVR from FitTV. I also like the DVDs I have from Prevention, so I will definitely be looking into these.

  4. k8hinote Says:

    Okay, I’ve already commented about how much I love the FitTV workouts, somewhere else on this blog, but I just wanna say I got two of the Studio DVDs and I’m having a way harder time with them! That’s good, because we certainly need a challenge and I know that I’ll build up to doing them all out no problem. I, like Alexis, enjoy a lot of variety in my workouts, so once I feel a little more comfortable with my new Studio DVDs, I will definitely be looking into these. I also wish I could get the FitTV workouts on DVD, so I could take them off my DVR. 🙂 I’m sure they’ll get around to that some day. 🙂 Maybe Alexis and I should e-mail them!

  5. Taya Says:

    I love the FitTV workouts as well, but I no longer get them. I do have some of the Studio workouts. I love them and they are pretty tough, but I enjoy a challenge. I am always looking for a belly flattening solution as I just had my second child 4 months ago. So I think I will get this Flat Belly Workout and see how that works for me. I am thankful for sites like this one where I am always inspired to be more active, healthy, and treat my body well!

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