Can Classical Music Help Keep You Fit?

It all started when I had to mop THE STUDIO floors…I would put some Chopin on and go. The music blocked out the street sirens and the phone but it did more than that – classical music made the chore of cleaning feel elegant. And I felt like somehow (I don’t really know how though) it was good for me. Did it help me inhabit myself? Did it zap me into the present moment and remind me of artistry in the mundane? Did it stimulate the nerve endings in my brain and make me smarter? I don’t know, but over the last few years, I’ve felt compelled to become more knowledgeable about classical music and integrate it into my life.

But here’s my challenge – I love Kanye and Katy Perry and Mika A LOT. I also love silence, so I have to  make a conserted effort to listen to classical tunes and act with a bit of discipline – a lot like working out, right? 


wanted to share images of the musicians on stage, but my photography skills apparently need help!)

Here I am with my classical music buddy, Tanya, at a Boston Symphony concert. (FYI: wanted to share images of the musicians on stage, but my photography skills apparently need help!)

So just like working out, i’ve got some friends that help make my classical music quest more enjoyable and more prevalent. We swap cds and attend concerts. We host dinner parties with classical serenading us in the background. I’ve surrounded myself with people who help me move towards my classical music goal, which is to appreciate it! 

Last night, a group of us went to an outdoor symphony concert and I’ve gotta say – the crowd was so classy and healthy looking! I kept checking everyone out…young or old, male or female, these concert attendees were sharp! It cemented my belief that somehow classical music does move me towards wellness.


4 Responses to “Can Classical Music Help Keep You Fit?”

  1. el-e-e Says:

    Ellen, hi! Just did a workout with you on FitTV! 🙂 It was slowrobics and I loved it! I’m excited to see you have a blog. I had a baby in February so it’s definitely get-in-shape time for me! I will be reading more!

    (p.s. I love classical music, too. Try some Aaron Copland, I think you’ll like it.)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    To start with……you are my hero. You inspire me to better myself on a daily basis. Speaking of the classical genre, I had fantastic seats at a Boston Pops show and when they played the theme song to Hook I wept. I couldn’t believe the emotional energy that an orchestrated piece could stir up. Better yet the talent that was evident in the ensemble put a fire under my butt and made me question my mediocre existence. When listening to classical music I find myself breathing better. Which we all know is very important.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Ellen!

    My personal favorite composers are Ravel (esp. Le Tombeau De Couperin and Pavane pour une infante defunte) and Satie (esp. Gympnopedies). Bach, Beethoven and Mozart are great, but slightly lesser-knowns shine all the same.

  4. Jo Says:

    Dear Ellen

    I just stumbled into you Blog and its great really interesting. I am a classical musician and I’m currently writing my PhD on how fitness impacts a classical musician’s performance and mental and physical preparation. So I find it fascinating that it can be viewed the other way around that classical music can be seen as a way to wellness for the fitness professional. Thank you for this idea.

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