We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Watching the evolution of the fitness industry over the years has been entertaining. It has gone from party-like aerobics (80’s), to Olympic-like Step and Spin (90’s), to Eastern-ish yoga and Pilates (2000’s). BUT now i think we are on the verge of a mega-breakthrough. Signs of a “new and more intelligent” fitness approach – on a massive scale – are starting to show up everywhere I look. 

Yesterday, I was the fitness tech on a photo shoot for Natural Health magazine. (The five page feature, written by Sarah Bowen Shea – includes a workout designed by me – will appear in their November 2008 issue.) I don’t know if you can tell by the photo, but everything from the lighting and the set to the clothing (100% cotton!) and the mood, was serene. I felt like I stepped into the future. Simple, happy, soft – the workout we photographed is about maintaining “good energy” around the holidays and showcases cardio, stretch and strength. 

We’ve come a long way, baby! A big shift is occurring and I’m so glad to be around to witness it. Fitness is going from intensity-centric workouts to energy-centric ones. It’s no longer about heart rate, calorie burn, body mass index. All that stuff has it’s place in the research lab, but exercise (and not just yoga) is turning into an opportunity to unite the mind, body and spirit and sooth the psyche. 

Over the next few weeks, have your own little experiment…enter your workouts with “good energy” in mind and then (if you want, no pressure!) let me know how it goes. Do you workout longer? Is the workout more enjoyable?


2 Responses to “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

  1. Christina Says:

    Hi Ellen – I can’t wait to see this issue! I used to do Spinning classes and run for miles and miles at a time (every day). As I get older I am trying to exercise smarter. I’m not just focusing on the number of calories burned, but more about how I feel. I couldn’t agree more! THANK YOU for providing us with these thoughtful workouts!!

  2. Shelly Says:


    I am the new mother of a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. In the beginning of my journey to lose those extra baby pounds, I spent alot of time beating myself up and going into my workouts with a very negative image of myself and was only concerned about how many calories I could burn. Over the past month I tried a new approach…to love myself as is–because hey, my body did an amazing thing–and to look at the time I spend working out as “my time”. When you have a newborn, let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of time that you can claim as your own to quiet the mind, energize your body, and invigorate your soul. Since I have made this conscious shift to bring a more positive energy to my workouts, I actually feel as if I am filled with more patience, which allows me to be a better mother. Not only that, I lost 6 pounds this month!
    I actually have you to thank for some of that too. On a side note- 5 years ago, I lost 35 pounds and became a healthier version of myself, just out of college (beer and pizza), by eating better and keeping your crunch DVD’s in rotation. When it came time to jump back on the wagon after the baby, I was thrilled to have your new Studio DVD’s to help. Thank you so very much!

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