Saturday Morning Hike

I explored a new place to hike this morning located in Woodbridge Connecticut and it was amazing. First of all, there was nobody there – we had the whole place to ourselves. Second, it’s far away from roads and traffic, so my dogs, Sophie & Roxy, could be off leash (no leash laws either). Third, clean water! Sophie could swim and not be stinky. I feel like a stumbled upon a well kept secret. Just when you think you know about all of the outdoor possibilities, another one pops up, keeping things interesting.


Sophie (left) and Frieda loooovvveeee the water. My little Roxy stayed on shore.:)

I met my friend, Jessica, and her dog, Frieda, early in the a.m. and we hiked and talked while the dogs romped in the wilderness. It’s great exercise, but I realized that physical fitness isn’t my main motivator for hiking – isn’t nature invigorating to the spirit? The fresh air feels so good and watching the dogs experience their version of nirvana fills me with joy. Wellness is a verb. We have to do it. But, on top of that, true wellness affects the spirit. That’s why, I think, fitness can not be torture. If it’s torture, it’s not good for your spirit, and thus, not good at all. Something to think about…



6 Responses to “Saturday Morning Hike”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Woot! Gratz on the blog! I’m psyched. You’re the only person I enjoy doing pilates/yoga to. AND you went to my alma mater. Double WOOT! Go Huskies!

  2. Melanie Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about fitness not being torture. I got into exercise and fitness through your wonderful DVD’s because it is fun, challenging, and just feels good! I go back to the DVD’s day after day because they are so enjoyable to do. After, I feel renewed, positive and proud of myself. I have suffered from depression for much of my life and exercise has raised me out of that dark place. I can’t thank you enough for your innovative approach to exercise. It has changed every aspect of my life dramatically. Thank you again.

  3. Kristie Says:

    Very cool blog! Love the pic with Sophie in it 🙂

  4. Mary Says:

    I totally agree with your comment about enjoying nature rather than focusing on “the hike” itself. I took up golf about 7 years ago. I don’t play well but I really don’t care. Golf courses are so beautiful and I love just being outside, enjoying the fresh air, nature etc. Occasionally a deer will run across the course and sometimes a fox. How wonderful is that? And if I happen to hit well, that’s all the better. But it is other golfers who want to push the game through and make it so competitive that takes away from the beauty of being outside. I also felt this way when vacationing in Idaho a few years ago. We did tons of “hiking” and walking. We only had 6 days so I wasn’t trying to “climb mountains” I just wanted to enjoy where I was at, and I did.

  5. Tracey D Says:

    Where o where is this fabulous place Miss Ellie B? Tallulah the wonder wiener dog and I go hiking all the time! We are always looking for new places to go especially ones with no people there!!! Maybe one day we can meet up with you- let me know.
    I hope you are feeling well- can’t wait to see your buddha belly!!
    Tracey D

  6. ivonne Says:


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