Sirius Martha Stewart Radio

Good thing I was going on the radio and not TV – got caught in a downpour this morning in NYC in route to the Sirius studios on 6th Ave. I love love love radio – it’s very instant and intimate. This morning I was a guest on “Whole Living” with Emily Hoffman to discuss How to Increase Your Exercise Odds. Here are the top seven tips: 

1. Get a exercise buddy to hold you accountable. 
2. Pick an activity that “floats your boat.”
3. Exercise at the right time of day for you.
4. Pack your gym bag and organize your gear way ahead of time.
5.  Loss the “All or Nothing” attitude. A 20minute power walk is better than no power walk. 
6. Splurge on cute workout wear – we all feel good when we dress well and it may nudge you out the door. 
7.  Stay hydrated – it’ll give you energy! 

Here I am with Whole Living Host Emily Hoffman in the Martha booth this morning.

Here I am with Whole Living host, Emily Hoffman, in the Martha booth this morning.



One Response to “Sirius Martha Stewart Radio”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hi Ellen,
    My husband and I have been trying to get into shape at home for 8 years now and have had little success until we found your Crunch-Super Slim Down… now we can’t workout to anything but that! Thank you for being the BEST instructor ever! We plan on buying all your other workouts too! Finally we can lose weight and get back into shape. =)

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