I’m Learning as I Go…

I’ve decided to enter the blogging world. Wish me luck! My intention is the same as always, “to inspire.” I really do believe that in order to be truly fabulous, there is only one pre-requisite – to love yourself. (As corny as it sounds!) 

My blog is going to be about fitness (of course) but it will also be about how to stay well during the other 23hours in your day. Everything matters.

Bye for now, Buff Girls. I must go and figure out how this technology works! xoEB


6 Responses to “I’m Learning as I Go…”

  1. Angel Says:

    I am certainly inspired by Ellen Barrett — I began my journey with Ellen Barret after my second child doing the All Star Work Out programs on FitTV. I quickly returned to my pre-wedding (not pre-pregnancy) weight. I quickly began buying her videos and telling all my friends about these works outs as I was so often asked how I stayed in such great shape. After working out with Ellen Barrett in DC during her promotion of The Studio video’s I was further inspired, began working out more often and shrank from a size 4 to 6 to a O to 2!

    I’m now on my 4th pregnancy and have continued rotating through The Studio workouts and the All Star Work out programs (although, modified as there are some things I can’t do, like the Yogini work out). I’m 6 months pregnant and I look and more importantly, feel amazing. I’m a true believer in mind body exercise and Ellen Barrett

    I look forward to reading the blogs!

  2. Addie Johnson Says:

    I first saw Ellen Barrett on All Star Workout and knew from the first workout that this is the one for me. I will be 60 years old in a couple of month. I went for my yearly check up with a new doctor. During the check up, she ahd to call in my primary doctor because she had found somthing she had not found in any of her other patinets. My primary doctor came in and said it was ab muscles!!! I give the credit to Ellen Barrett’s workouts. I have every tape that she has put out and do them daily. It is nice to have a differnt one to do each day and all work the ab muscles.
    Thank you Ellen!!

  3. Janine Says:

    I love Ellen Barrett’s workouts! I’m not a big fan of running so I utilize Slim Sculpt, Fat Burning Fushion and some of the older titles by Ellen as my cardio for the week which compliments my Pilates mat/reformer classes. I feel lean and energized after all of her workouts and know that once I finish one of her DVD’s, I truly worked my entire body.

    Once I started working out with Ellen’s DVD’s I gained a true interest in the fitness industry, especially the world of Pilates. Working out became more than just a hobby and I wanted to learn more about it every day. I have been so inspired by Ellen’s passion that I am now pursuing Pilates instructor certification and cannot wait to begin my new career! I anticipate many challenges along the way but I know that it will all be worth it. Thank you so much for your motivation, Ellen! I believe that I finally found my niche 🙂

  4. SailrsGrl Says:

    Thanks so much Ellen for starting this blog. I will be making it a daily habit to check in for some inspiration during the day. I stay fit using your DVD’s and I hesitate to workout watching anything else!

  5. Dana Says:

    I am really excited to find out tonight that you have a blog! And I’m glad I haven’t missed years and years of your blogging, ’cause that would be a lot to catch up on. I have Fat Burning Pilates, Pick Your Spot Pilates and Burn and Firm Pilates, and I’ve loaned them out to friends who end up going and buying their own copy. Thank you!

  6. JJ Says:

    I was wondering if I can stop using weights, other then the three to five pounds I use in one of Ellen’s tapes and still continue to lose weight. I have been using heavy weights for some time now but after doing Ellen’s studio series I am addicted and love the way I feel. I would prefer not to have to go back to lifting heavy weights but am concerned that I will start to gain, any insight on this would really be of help as I am confused as to what I should do? I am a runner as well.

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