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August 11, 2010

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May 21, 2010

So as the warmer weather nears, we are all probably a little hesitant  about putting on those bathing suits. Found a great article titled “Banish Bikini Belly Bloat” with some helpful tips, which includes a good old dose of wonderful H2O! Click on the pic to read the article!

“Fit Bottomed Girls” is doing a giveaway with some of my products. You can win all the STUDIO dvd titles, a Buff Girl Shirt, and some wrist weights just by leaving a comment about how you would put all this gear into good use. Just click on the logo and check it out.Good luck!

Ellen Talks About Babies, New Haven and David Letterman on Dr.Fitness+The Fat Guy Radio

May 7, 2010

“Dr.Fitness+The Fat Guy” is a radio show based in Atlanta and I always look forward to going on air with them… “The Fat Guy” is a comedian, which makes fitness so much more entertaining! Click here to listen.

Ellen’s Summer Teaching Schedule Starts May 4th at 8am

April 25, 2010



Every Tuesday & Thursday

at STUDIO 70

70 Audubon Street

New Haven, CT 06511

Take the best of standing Pilates, mix it with dance conditioning, and you’ve got PILATES BARRE. Get a long, lean and lifted silhouette by using generous ranges of motion that elongate bodylines. The seamless routine provides all-in-one cardio, stretch and strength training, for total body conditioning.

The barre is awaiting us in the studio, you only need to bring your body.

Drop-ins are always welcome so just show up.
Rate: $13/class drop-in OR buy 10 classes for $100 ($10/class)

Your first class is free!

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A cute pic from 2005

April 20, 2010

From the set of SUPER SLIM DOWN. I've got the curly hair. Andrea A., the powerhouse producer, makes a cameo between me and my true-blue pal, Tracey Thompson. such fun!

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Reviews Happy Baby, Fit Mama!

April 9, 2010

Click here to see what an Arkansas mom says about HBFM

Ellen Does Some Skinny Sculpt on CT STYLE TV

March 30, 2010

Click here to view the clip!

Love Your Knees

March 22, 2010

Trustme. Going barefoot will help your knees. at first it may not feel that way but in the long run (no pun intended) your feet and ankles will be stronger, which will help your knees find balance. (Those knees get over worked sometimes with sneakers, while the feet get underworked.) Here are few things to consider:

1. If you are carrying extra lbs, tread lightly and perhaps do 1/2 of workout with sneakers on. Sneakers absorb shock (usually).
2. Are you exercising on a cement floor or tile? That may be too much for your knees – perhaps switch to an gentler surface, maybe carpet.
3. Do you tend to wear out your shoes at the toe/ball of the foot first? This is sort of rare but I do know people put a lot of weight into their toes (like they are on heels all the time) when they walk – this stresses out the knees quickly. Make sure your heels bear weight with every step, this will make a significant difference.
4. In BAREFOOT CARDIO, we have a “pony” option for more intensity. While it is more intense for the heart rate it is LESS intense for the knees than happy feet. So you may be surprised – try pony instead of happy feet for your knees’ sake.
5. Sneakers? If you are wearing them, take them off. If you are not wearing them, put them on! That will maybe change an imbalance that’s going on.
6.  If achy pain persists, take two days in a row and do nothing. Soak in the tub, lie in bed, get a massage…don’t even go for a walk. The pain should fizzle out.
7. Also, after doing barefoot workouts for two weeks, your pain may vanish into thin air because your knees may have caught up with the rest of your body!


March 8, 2010

April is FUSION FLOW month… live (ALIVE!)  in the following cities:

  • Los Angeles, CA Friday, April 16th at 4:30pm
    SWERVE STUDIO, contact
  • Enfield, CT Friday, April 23 at 7:30pm
    Contact Julie Miller at
  • East Hills, NY Sunday, April 25th at 10:30am
    Contact Heidi Roussis at

Polar Bear Run Run-down

March 1, 2010

Great shot of (frozen) Lake Waramaug. Here, I am about half way through the race, feeling strong.

Lots of runner's turned out for the race!

I am trying to mix things up and keep moving so I ran the POLAR BEAR RUN on Sunday in New Preston CT. To be honest, I was dreading it all week, worried about snow (or worse, rain!) but Mother Nature came through for us – mild temp and dry.

I finished the 7.6mile race just under 1hr and 16minutes average 9.58min/mile. I MET MY GOAL! That’s the thing about running, it’s you verse you. The other runners are encouragement and inspiration. I’m running a 5K race this coming weekend – could get addictive.

On another note, and I think a lot of moms feel this…I need solitude. With a 1 year old roaming around, finding solitude in my house is not happening all that often. So I sort of “crave” running (or hikes in the woods with Roxy the dog) as a way to find a little solitude. Exercise as solitude – interesting concept!

Luca got a front row seat!

Almost there....